Exciting yet daunting..

Having only been in education for the last 16 years, holding down small summer jobs in seaside cafes, hotels and greengrocers, the prospect of starting a brand new, exciting, challenging and hopefully rewarding job is exciting yet daunting.

Exciting because, lets be honest, after 2 years of slaving day and night through an engineering degree, a 9-5 job seems like a walk in the park. No more 12 hour days, pointless reports and calculations about electrons being too close to each other. All of that is fascinating, but I can’t wait to get my hands onto something real! More projects for example; calculations are great when they are related to things, other wise I couldn’t care less what the laplace transform of a function is. Also I get to buy new clothes, grown-up lady clothes and potentially throw away my student wardrobe of clothes which are all heavy with late night deadline rush fear.

Daunting in that I am originally from the sleepy Isle of Wight (which if you didn’t know is a very small island at the very bottom of the UK). It’s a lovely, sunny, sheltered and beautiful place where I was born and practically never really left until I started university. And when I say sheltered we’re not just talking about lack of popular culture (shopping centers etc) we’re talking only 1 escalator on the entire island, no motor ways (discounting the 1/2 mile long dual carriage way) and no flight paths. This came as a great surprise to me when I arrived all fresh faced and beachy in Guildford where it promptly rained for 9 months of the year, while I was surrounded by motorways, shopping centres and flight paths. After 2 years of living life on the mainland I can say I have truly settled in. Which for me means I no longer duck at the sound of airplanes. But working in the big bad city is just a little bit out of my comfort zone. I’m sure it’ll be fine, and that my commute will be a relaxing time spent reading, eating my breakfast and staring bleary eyed out of the train window.

But I am mostly excited : )

I can’t wait to actually be going to work, after dreaming of doing engineering since I was a girl of 12, getting to do what I hope is my dream job is giving me some super uncontainable happyness!


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