Vacuum Packing Glory!

Vacuum Packing - making clothes crunchy and heavy and cube like.

How much do I HATE moving house every summer? I’ve lived in the same town for near on 2 years and I’m planning to stay for another 3, yet I feel the need to up-sticks and move down the road every summer. Many would say I had super itchy feet, or I’m a student and every place I have ever lived in since leaving my parents is filled with a mixture of geeks and super large pizza fed rats.

This year I have lived solely with people from my course and it has been a mixture of good and bad. I refer to them collectively as the Geeks, as most of their conversation relates in one way or the other to electronics. Lib Dem Geek and Lady Geek are also afraid of daylight (maybe not, but they don’t go out enough in my opinion). Either way coming home to the Geeks after a whole day of being geeky myself isn’t the most enticing prospect. But it’s been nice, and quiet, and filled with rabbit sized pizza fed rats. Couldn’t have wished for more in a student house right? Well that’s not exactly how I was feeling when I signed the tenancy agreement for my new abode, it was more tears of happiness. There would be no more talk of how this graphics card was better and no more late night singing of Jerusalem by the Lib Dem obsessed Geek. Don’t get me wrong they are all lovely, apart from Lib Dem Geek (but that’s because his personal hygiene is very poor, and the singing). The conversation was interesting, just not what I needed after a day being geeky, and I will miss them. In fact when becoming very geeky in the revision period I could say I had joined the Geeks, we were close friends and talked about other things. Predominantly the fact all I was eating was fish fingers and beans, but still! After a year of electronics based conversation it was good to get to know them better.

The new abode will be a whole new kettle of fish. The kettle being a 3 bedroomed semi-detached house, with additional attic lodgings for mine and manfriend’s possessions. The fish being myself, 2 musicians (1 of which is manfriend) and a bio-scientist with a taste for absinthe. I’m over excited to say the least, as they are some of my closest friends from university. I will also be a normal, breathing, free to my own thoughts in the evening human being, something I haven’t been in near on 4 years of ultra study (A-levels and Degree so far). These factors can only add up to goodness, and as far as I’m aware there are no massive pizza fed rats. Maybe contented living may ensue?

But due to the move I am now slightly stressed, mostly because I can’t tesselate my possessions, but also the standard homelessness from badly organised tenancy agreements is slightly problematic. I have also not done any washing in a while. But never fear, vacuum packing bags are here! These beauties have compressed my whole wardrobe into 4 crunchy heavy but small parcels, while waterproofing the whole lot! Absolutely brilliant! Now just to get everything else I own which can’t be compressed in a sack into boxes. Packing = ultimate boredom interjected with fantastic moments of vacuum packing glory!


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