Pickpocket Potential

Microwavable Thermos, may not fit in microwave?!

Exams are finally over, so I can start getting ready for work. It’s a time of researching and discovering what other engineers do, especially the women. 1st step is finding out what exactly my day to day will entail, that way I can prepare myself properly. So I’m commuting, it’s going to take approximately 1 hour to get to work, I’m travelling by train thus leaving my hands free for whatever they choose, and my brain free to wander/be bored. First thing to tackle, boredom on the way to work.

Books, seems a really good plan here. I love reading, so time to trawl amazon for something catchy that will hold my attention without taking too much brain power. Reading is very integral to my multitasking skills, so I think it’ll suit commuting beautifully. Also during a potential pick-pocketing situation, the most I’m going to be worried about is loosing my page. Plus books are better than e-book readers, but thats because although I design technology I’m not really into the idea of my beautifully dog eared book shelf turning into another screen to look at.

Maybe upgrade ye olde mobile telephone. This is something I’ve been thinking about for a while, and I guess it’s probably time to give into apple. After all, who doesn’t sometimes like to have a shiny minature box of infinite possibilities in their hand. But in doing this I am concerned that I will loose/get it stolen/accidentally drop it down the gap between trains (iPhone is predominantly made out of glass eek). Maybe a mixture of phone insurance, and a super protective case would suffice?

The thermos, potentially the most exciting part of this new stage in my life. I am required to eat oats first thing in the morning due to a run in with a wheat intolerance. Which is fine with me, just need to find a way of getting said oats into microwave with milk and copious amounts of sugar and out again in a tidy, washable easy to carry way. After all, I love to sleep, so getting up half hour earlier just to have breakfast is obviously not ideal. I’ve gone a little bit geeky on the thermos side of things, I love the idea of eating breakfast on the move. So after some research I’ve found the best thermos to meet my very specific needs. Although some reviews do say it may not fit in your microwave, as of yet I do not know my microwave dimensions. Which is worrying so I guess I’ll wait to buy my thermos.

Oyster card, essential for myself a london commuter. Mine has a lovely picture of Prince William and Kate Middleton, and I could not be happier that they are in my wallet! In fact it made my day when the lovely man at the station said “no sorry we’ve got 6000 of these to shift before we get any regular cards”. Brilliant.

So now I’ve worked out the route, the breakfast, the in-train entertainment I feel almost ready to set off, once I know my microwaves dimensions that is.


2 thoughts on “Pickpocket Potential

  1. Easy to microwave porridge – use a pyrex cereal bowl (or casserole dish if u eat loads). Make in the dish. Eat from the dish. Easy to wash up šŸ™‚ Stir in fruit, if u wish. Add honey if u wish. Happy commuting.

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