2 weeks to go..

Tealy Dress Thing…

The 14 day countdown to starting employment has begun. I’m getting tiny butterfly wiggles in my belly about it. The excitement is almost unbearable, but I also very nervous. Things have to be done, I need train tickets, clothes to wear, shoes, and most importantly a hair cut.

I’ve just booked my train tickets, which has ramped the nerves up a notch. I can’t stop imagining myself missing trains and being late on the first day. But that’s not going to happen, I will be perfectly capable of catching a train, and I made it to the interview, which was earlier in the day. Who has interviews which start at 8am in London? But I start at 9am, I’ve got flexi-time so a few minutes here or there doesn’t really matter. In fact my personal mantra for the next 2 weeks is probably going to be “You’ll be fine don’t worry”.

In more exciting news, time to get some clothes sorted, I’m a bit of an avid dress maker, normally I specialise in going out clothes, but this has been adapted to my newly designed, ready to be sewn, work wardrobe. The latest creation is a dark teal shift dress thing. Which you can see myself modelling in the picture to your left. Does it say engineering, serious, feminine, knows her relays from her resistors? But also easy to get on with, fun to be around, not available? The not available is Manfriend’s input. He feels working within an industry of males with whom I share many geeky interests I am very likely to be whisked away. I can see his logic but what he doesn’t realise is I know I wont be. For one very simple reason; I can only talk about engineering for maybe 12 hours a day, any more and I will go stark raving mad. I know this because I previously lived with the Geeks, and I went a little bit stark raving mad. So although sometimes we don’t understand the other ones day, Manfriend and I are pretty perfectly matched, I might not know my seventh chord from a octave but I still prefer to have a person in my life who is completely separate from work. Silly Manfriend. He should stop worrying and read my blog more often!

Shoes. Shoes. Shoes. After speaking with a bio-scientist friend of mine (not the absinthe obsessed one I live with) who had already begun placement she gave me a very good piece of advice. Wear shoes which can easily be covered with protective clothing or wear boots. So off I went with this in mind and brought, a pair of brogues which will fit though the holes in the bottom of my overalls, and a pair of Dr Marten boots which aren’t as you’d imagine, more like a normal calf high boot but with all the structural integrity of a normal clumping Dr Marten. So now my feet are covered, and summer and winter foot crisis is over, I’ve just got to get a hair cut.

My hair naturally forms dreadlocks, leave it alone for 10 minutes and it’ll turn itself into a curly, knotted together mess. This was previously solved by having it incredibly long to allow gravity to hold it in place. But stupidly the low maintenance human being who had hair that generally was never cut, decided to have a bob created. Don’t get me wrong I love my bob, but it requires regular hair cuts to keep it sat on my chin. Until now I was only provided with a haircut when I came home, as my mum kindly paid, so it is often sort of grown out, slightly dreaded, curly mess. This has to change for work. So time for another chop, which will be nice but there is always the fear that the hairdresser might go a bit scissor happy and I’ll end up with a sort of old lady cheek high bob like last time…V. worrying. I had best get that done quick!

The butterflies are going to be flapping for a while yet I think. But reassuringly I got a 2.1 for my second year which has done everything to boost my confidence! I do know my relays from my resistors, and apparently my electromagnetism from my semiconductors! Who knew?! Onwards and upwards, get ready for some serious blogging once I get started, August 1st here I come! Wish me luck!


2 thoughts on “2 weeks to go..

  1. I love the outfit – and I’m very impressed that you made it yourself! I completely agree with your friend’s shoe advice, I struggle with finding footwear of that ilk that goes with skirts/dresses though, so it tends to limit when I’ll wear those, but that’s ok.

    Perhaps you should consider something like this to simultaneously accessorise & profess your geekiness: http://www.artisresistors.co.uk/index.html

    • I love the artisresistors! Defiantly going to get me some of those earings! Thanks very much it took me like 4 days! But worth it : ) working on a couple of plain skirts now and week 1 clothes are sorted!

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