Day before the end of student life…

It’s the day before the end of student life, the nerves are unbearable to say the least. I start my first day at work tomorrow. It’s not just a placement it’s the beginning of my working life, my career, the thing which generally defines me in general conversation. I’m ready for it. Sort of.

I’m excited I want to start, I want it to be 7 hours from now, getting up at 6.30am, commuting with thousands of others to the start of what I hope will be a fruitful and exciting experience. But what if it isn’t fruitful, am I placing too many fruit flavoured hopes on this? Will it be like a packet of skittles? It is after all just a job, and I’ve had a few. I guess my whole school career since I was 14 has been leading to this pinnacle of a moment, maybe I’m wishing for a fanfare, a present, a little certificate to say I’ve made it, or just a well done. Either way I’m scared, excited, prepared, and about to undergo a complete lifestyle shift. Goodbye lay-in’s, super unorganised living, and hello to the end of student life. For now.

Oh and if anyone is on the 5.36pm train from London to Essex please feel free to pull out a trumpet, a parade, a thousand well done cards and maybe a congratulatory badge to recognise my initiation into the working world!

Wish me luck!


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