Delay’s, Diodes and nail polish…

Nails Vs Engineering The Battle That Only A Beauty Consult With Chuck Norris Could Solve...

These last few weeks have been so long and after a week off sick with a beast of a urine infection, the last thing I needed was a load of delays on the way to work. But thanks to London transport I’m never getting back those 3 hours of flexitime I so meticulously saved up. Surprisingly it wasn’t just London transports fault; a weapons exhibition near where I work rammed the trains with very precoscious business men.

With this all going on you’d think I’d be in a terrible mood for work after a 2 hour journey ever morning for a week. But surprisingly no! The thing is, I really enjoy being at work and the journey has become inconsequential to my day. I think the main reason is my outlook; since starting my job, everyday I have a new surge of confidence. This may be because a project I’ve worked on has gone onto the production line, or a test box (these boxes are what the production line use to check the product is working during construction) has been shipped off to some foreign outreach of the company (china has two of my boxes!), or I’ve been highlighted for doing a job well. By Friday I feel like I can take on the world! Not that I’m getting cocky, I’m just aware that I do know what I’m doing.

I think the biggest reinforcement of this knowledge is senior engineers listening to my opinions and valuing them. I suggested recently that placing a protection diode into power supplies would reduce the number of boards returned with burnt out components. A diode only allows the current to flow in one direction, therefore a diode placed in a power supply would stop current travelling through the circuit in the wrong direction (damaging components) if the power supply is connected incorrectly. This happens a lot considering the connectors only fit in one way, but we won’t get into the stupidity of ’round hole, square plug’. The senior engineers made note of my suggestion and it’ll be included in the new designs for suitable boards! It’s this combination of finding that my knowledge is useful, and that I know it well enough to have an opinion that leaves me feeling rewarded each day. Obviously there are frustrating days but they are few and far between and often immediately solved by a film, a bath and a bit of dinner cooked by Manfriend.

Now don’t get me wrong, being an engineer has it’s downsides; surface mount components sticking to my mascara is never good, neither is my nail polish being forced from my fingers at every available opportunity. The mascara component combo isn’t something I can really change, I just don’t wear mascara when I know I’m soldering lots of boards. But the nail polish has to stay, so I rushed out to boots to find a clear lacquer with a Chuck Norris quality to it. This stuff HAD to stay on at least a week. I tried 2, the first slid off with the flux remover Day 1 – not exactly what I was after. The second I think would still be on my nails now if I hadn’t got bored with the colour/scratched it off when sawing. The picture above shows the aftermath of 2 weeks – you heard me right – 2 weeks of flux remover, plastic fusing glue, hack sawing and a weekend away at a festival. If Chuck Norris wore nail polish this would be the brand he’d use. Well done to Collection 2000 Lasting Colour, Ice Cube for being the engineering ladies nail polish.


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