Uncle Fat-Belly says “this is a 2 hand, 8 finger, and 2 thumbs kind of job”

As you of the engineering profession are aware we get caught in some relativly dangerous environments. Safety equipment should never be taken lightly, as my 3 fingered Uncle Fat-belly will tell you! He’s not actually missing any fingers, but he’s seen enough people hurt in accidents which could have been avoided with proper heed given to safety equipment. Now there are a mixture of reasons why I feel that this is an issue which is especially important for us ladies. Obviously I’m not saying that men don’t need to take the same amount of care as women, we should all be extra vigilant when it comes to safety. That’ll do is never the right attitude, stick with safety and you’ll not only have all your fingers but also a new confidence and ability to build what you design!

My reasoning behind this being a special issue for us is actually something we are born with, and that is a natural physical weakness compared to our male counterparts. Now don’t shoot me down just yet feminists, I’m getting to the equality bit, I promise! My arms are not exactly equipped to be naturally muscular, like for example Manfriend who’s arms with very little exercise can still lift me above his head. I guess I could work out, loose my twig arms and get some of the definition that yoga and swimming can NEVER hope to give. Alternately I could alter the way I work to help take the strain of my twigs. So here comes the equality bit, I would like to say that I can do ANYTHING the guys can do, but that’s often difficult when drilling, sawing and lifting are involved, so I need something to make me equal with their natural neanderthal physical qualities.

These methods are tried and tested by myself as you will see in the pictures. I have constructed any jigs you see, myself, all from easily sourced materials. These methods have transformed my day from a worried fumbling of construction, where straight lines never really met and drill bits were broken, to a pleasurable day, where I am aware of my capabilities and able to work in comfortable safety. Theses methods are not gender specific as I found out at work when my male colleagues borrowed my jig to do their work! So ladies and gents make your life easier and read on for some helpful tips and tricks for getting by in the engineering workplace!


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