The reason being…

I haven’t posted in a while, the reason being I haven’t felt much like writing in a long while. There’s a mixture of reasons behind that, and I’m not really sure where to begin.

Going to work everyday is kinda stressful, not the kind of normal stress that you immediately feel, more the kind that builds up over time and makes you feel completely out of character. Now I don’t want to scare anyone off taking part in an industrial placement, or starting work which involves a long commute. It has just taken me a while to adjust to a completely different lifestyle and it hasn’t been the easiest transition.

I’m living with students, which if you’re planning on going to bed before 12, or would like a clean plate once in a while, or maybe a bit of slack with regards to your part of household chores (apparently making up for the week at the weekend isn’t acceptable). It isn’t the easiest option, if like me, you come home with an aching brain, seeking comfort from food, a shower, and a relatively clean house. I am not super woman, washing up is at the bottom of my list when I’ve finally sat down after 14 hours concentrating on sustaining myself, getting to work, and actually being at work.

I had other issues as well, moving in with Manfriend was initially a piece of cake, great guy, can’t fault him. Until Manfriend’s Bestfriend suddenly got jealous, and began putting a gigantic “hang out with the lads, not your lady” wedge between us. Now Manfriend’s Bestfriend and I get on very well, at least we did till we waged war on his attention. It got sour, to say the least, on all sides. I would come home, feeling tired and in need of comfort to find dinner was no where near ready, no food in, nothing washed, and suddenly it’s my fault for complaining about it. I probably shouldn’t have let it bother me, and it didn’t initially. But after 2 months I started getting angry and also really upset; I was really lonely. Manfriend’s Bestfriend had won the battle and I was feeling emotionally and physically drained, with the only end in sight being to move out and get our own place.

But to get to that happy medium of our own place and some more emotional support and some proper sleep, we would have to go through the rigmarole of asking Manfriend’s exceptionally Christian parents if that’d be ok. Which obviously they were going to say no, it’s not ok, you guys haven’t got hitched yet. But since christmas and getting that question out in the open thus sorting out accomodation for next year, and getting some well deserved sleep with a week off work. I feel better. I feel suddenly able to write positively about my life. You see I didn’t want to post that everything was rubbish, ‘boo hoo my life sucks’ – that’s boring. Plus I’m not one to be happy unless I’ve got the solution on it’s way (the engineer in me ha!). I wanted this blog to paint a true picture of life as a lady engineer. Of course there are bad days with every career, especially when you’re starting out as a student. But there are also good days, it’s just when other things aren’t quite right it’s really difficult to give an unbiased view.

Overall work is good, uni work has been added on top now but that’s under control, I’m starting to get real projects (tell you more about those soon), and my writing bug and positivity is back!

A few resolutions to finish with:

1. Get to work before 9am. Everyday. Flexitime is great but leaving at 6pm isn’t.

2. Brush my teeth more.

3. Be more relaxed and remember it doesn’t matter too much about angry commuter people.

4. Eat green things, most days.

5. Only shop for food online, never again shall I step foot in a Tesco with a big shop in mind.


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