Nanotechnology Vs Quantum Mechanics the Loosing Battle.

“I’m the pioneer of nanotechnology, and I don’t even bloody get it!”

It’s the month before I head back to university after a year away. I’m excited, nervous and looking forward to meeting some new people and seeing some old faces! I received my reading list the other day and slowly but surely I’m working through it. In the first semester I’ll be studying Radio Frequency and Microwave Fun-da-mentals (see what I did there?), Product Design and Nanotechnology.

There I was, in my deck chair, in my back garden beginning the daunting read of “Nanophysics and Nanotechnology: an introduction to modern concepts in nanoscience” by a certain Mr E Wolf, when I came across a statement which threw me into desperate hysterics. Mr E Wolf (hence forth known as Mr “Big Bad” Wolf) made a little statement regarding grasping the main concepts of nanotechnology. Now I am paraphrasing so apologies Mr “Big Bad” Wolf if this wasn’t exactly what you wanted to convey.

“To understand Nanotechnology you must first understand quantum mechanics” – Mr “Big Bad” Wolf

Now I somehow don’t hold much hope for my nanotechnology exam. Not just because it’s nanotechnology and the maths doesn’t just look like the Schrödinger equation, it is the Schrödinger equation. Mostly because Richard Feynman: Nobel Prize Winner, quantum mechanics genius, and the pioneer of quantum computing and nanotechnology, once said;

“If you think you understand quantum mechanics, you don’t understand quantum mechanics.” – Richard Feynman  

I’m not discrediting Mr “Big Bad” Wolf’s book, it’s really interesting and he’s a genius for understanding it and putting it into understandable text. Which isn’t a mean feat for a book on nanotechnology, I opened another on my reading list to find it 400 pages long and contained equations punctuated with sporadic text. He’s done a good job.

But it does make you laugh! The pioneer of nanotechnology reckons he doesn’t understand it, how the hell am I going to understand it, let alone do a 2 hour exam in the subject.

I’ve contently decided I’ll leave the book closed to give my brain a rest before opening it again, it’s definitely time to hit the biscuits!


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