Digging up the Patch

When you begin a vegetable garden it’s hard work, and you normally do it at the beginning of spring, end of February time. We moved into our house in June/July of this year. Not exactly the right time to start your vegetable patch, unless it’s something quick growing you’ve not much chance. But I had no intention of waiting. The patch digging had to begin!

When we arrived the garden had been left to it’s own devices for a few months the grass was knee high and we have the smallest flymo known to man. It fits in a standard sized bin bag, so it’s not that hungry for grass. We cut the grass down to ankle-ish height with some really blunt garden shears and then mowed it. It took absolutely forever, like a whole week of mowing and cutting. It’s still not completely done and it’s nearly October (I bought a too short extension lead so the end of the garden is a meadow still, but we wont talk about that).

Before and during the meadow to patch renovation including the smallest flymo known to man…

After the trauma (mostly for the force fed flymo) of cutting the grass had ended we found a rather good sized space for the vegetable patch. I thought ah at least the hard work is over, digging this over is going to be nice and easy. I’ve dug over a few gardens in my time and wasn’t expecting what happened next. Our house is a new build, less than 5 years old and like all new builds it’s been fitted with roll out turf. Little did we know that normally it takes 10 years for the carpet (for want of a better word) the grass is grown on to fully degrade. As it had just been laid everywhere (no idea why they didn’t just put seeds down) the whole garden was covered in grass growing on carpet.

To get at the dirt we had to slice through the carpet with the spade and then cut out squares of turf. It took forever, instead of turning the grass over and shaking the dirt off we had to lift each square and carry it to the suddenly made compost heap. Not an easy job.

After all that we had the patch, which we were both very, very proud of, sweat and blood had gone into it. Just seeds and a good raking over was required. Vegetables ahoy!


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